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tl;dr I was born in early 1976. Only child of two only childs. I moved to Vermont in late 1986. I was bullied in high school. Go figure. I started role playing when around 12. I graduated high school, got married, separated, moved in with a role playing group, got divorced. Stayed there with an epic game for 4.5 years. Moved in with my high school sweetheart. Went to a local community college part time. Got an AA in Liberal Studies with a bent on English. Moved back near my and my bf's folks. Tried making the webcomic for some years. Didn't make it. I like conventions and roleplaying. I work as a cashier at a hardware store. They let me read ot draw there. I like it.

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Alright, I felt that I should probably update my Bio. . . Just in case anyone new comes along and actually cares.

Well, it all began in a snowstorm in January of 1976. Ok, it really started 8 months before that, but that's beside the point. Anyway, I was born in upstate New York, in a little town half way between Syracuse and Rochester (if anyone knows where Hobart and William Smith Colleges are, that's where I used to be. The Hobart lacrosse field was two blocks from my house).

I am an only child of two only childs. I was one of 7 children born in that hospital on that day, I was the only girl, and I was the only one that learned to push myself up and scream at the top of my lungs on the first day. The boys all just wiggled and whimpered.

Anyway. . . I spent the first ten years of my life in that town. It was great! There were lots of kids, and a playground every few blocks, and just lots of stuff to do! There was even a graveyard nearby that we could go play in! Those were good days. I didn't even mind the Parochial School that I attended from preschool (at three years old) to third grade. I started to go to a public school in fourth grade because there were some job issues with my folks, and we thought that we were going to be moving sooner than we did. . . Or something, I'm not entirely sure what was going on back then. I almost went to a one room schoolhouse, but I think I was denied for some reason. *shrugs* Oh well.

Then we moved to Vermont in 1986. I thought it was pretty cool at first. And then I realized that there was no one around. That the friend that lived the closest was a half mile away down a busy highway, and that the friends that were closer to me lived father away.

The first two years weren't bad. Before I had moved to Vermont, my fourth grade teacher had decided that they would hold me back a year because of my attitude. And when I came to Vermont, the new principal didn't understand that reasoning and bumped me back up to fifth. And then I stayed back in seventh grade anyway because I failed four classes (one of which was Latin), probably because I had a bad attitude. I suddenly lost all the friends I had, and gained a whole slew of enemies. Ok, enemies is a harsh word. But I had a bunch of people who didn't like me. I was the standard geek in seventh grade. My folks were lucky to get me to wash once a week! And I lived to read the books my father had introduced to me to try to get me to read (when I was little, I refused to read even though I was "reading-ready" at two). I think I read all the old Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms books that were printed before 1992ish.

It was also around this time that I started roleplaying. My dad was DM for a group of local boys, and I started watching when I was 10 or 11. I started playing soon after. I am honestly amazed that some of the guys in that old group still talk to me. I was such a little brat (was?). I also started going to conventions around this time, maybe a bit later. But still, my dad and I would get up at 4 in the morning to be ready and get to a convention that was 2+ hours away by 7am check-in. They were great! I love conventions!

Anyway, needless to say, I had a rough high school life. Most of the kids didn't like me, and I found out later that the ones that did were too afraid of their friends to tell me that they liked me. Oh well! Life marches on!

I did graduate, and then I got married. To one of the guys in my gaming group. How sad is that? We were separated 6 months later, and divorced 2ish years after that. In the meantime, after the separation but before the divorce, I lived with some friends and new roleplaying group. Yes, I actually lived with an RP group. . . Now those were good days! We played all the time. We lived to play! And video games too! We eventually got a Playstation, and had to get a new one in just a couple months because the first one overheated so badly that we couldn't use it anymore! I lived with one or more of them for 4.5 years. The gaming was epic, though. I've never had another group like it. I miss it sometimes. But I also know that we would never be able to game like that again because of jobs and whatnot. Then moved to live with the guy I'm with now. . .

Who was in my original RP group. . . And he was my high school sweetheart, but that's beside the point. He's also my WebMonkey. Yay Webskills. So I've been with him for more than 9 years at this point. And it's been an interesting ride. After we moved back to the area to rent an apartment from his folks, we found a gaming group to play with. One of the members was from one of my old groups. That was cool. But we invited in a sketchy guy after two years, and the whole thing just self destructed. We tried for another year or so, but it just fizzled out. Too bad, really, we had a good campaign going. We do have a new group, now. We met someone at a convention that lived near by, and we play with him and another. It's a small group, and it can be hard to get schedules to work. We play once or twice a month now. Not as much as I'd like, but what can you do? Stupid adulthood... We do have a gaming store in town, but I just haven't gotten the energy to go.


About the comic: I have always wanted to draw for the public. Although I think I might be better at taking photos. . . Anyway, I started this finally because I had a good idea, and I put it to paper, and then put it in a LiveJournal. That would be the first strip. My bf, at the time, worked for a major multinational company, and they do things a little bit differently than normal, rational humans would. But that's what all major international companies do. . . So, I finally started the comic. But no one cared. So I put it on its own website. And took everything out of the old LiveJournal. And still no one cared. So I thought about a revamp. I thought that maybe if I could make a comic with an actual story and plot and main characters and stuff, that people would care. But I just don't have the attention span for it. I think of too many plots, and they all sound really great in my head. . . And then the next plot springs to mind before I can write down the first one. . . Oi. I guess I'm just not good at sequential art. But I'm trying (very trying).

I did manage to chronicle the story of my favorite RPG character, Emerald, for a whole year. But they way I was doing it just didn't work. It was too slow. And still, no one cared. ;) So I'm on indefinite hiatus. We'll see. I keep thinking I'm going to put something up. But honestly, I'm playing too much MMORPGs.

Right now I work at a Hardware store. But I have had experience with large injection mold presses, other types of retail, some food service (doughnuts and pizza), and conducting telephone surveys (not telemarketing! surveys, just questions). I love my current job. I is a cumunity collige graduit, I's gots me a du-gree in the Liberal Studies with a bent on English, not that you can tell. I'm also attended (but didn't finish... twice) the correspondence school, Art Instruction School. It's the one where they send you a flier and you send it back with a drawing of one of the four characters on it, and you are judged and accepted. It also happens to be the school that Charles Schulz went to and eventually taught at.

We do go to a small handful of gaming cons now. We don't attend Anime Cons now that i'm not selling.

RP Cons we attend regularly:

Total Confusion (TotalCon)
Open Gaming Convention (OGC)
Carnage Convention (Carnage)

Conventions I USED TO have an Artist Alley table at regularly (i don't go to any of these cons anymore, but I'll still promote them!):

Bakurestu Con
Anime Boston
Another Anime Convention


I have rambled entirely too much , and there is still so much to tell. . . But how many of you actually read this whole thing, anyway?

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