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Boy's First Guitar
October 21, 2005

OK, here's a little backstory. It may not make much sense though.

Long time ago, when I was still considered young. I had a boyfriend who had a vivid imagination. One night he just blurted this out in front of our gaming group (I'm sure there was a point, but I don't remember it):

"At one point in time, there was some young teenage boy that picked up a guitar for the first time, and starry-eyed, looked up into the sky and solemnly vowed, 'I will be the greatest Disco Star ever'"

We all laughed until we cried. Some of us may have been drunk at the time. . .I don't remember. . .Maybe that's why it was so funny at the time. . .

But it is still funny in my book. . .

Luckily for me we had a "wall of shame" where I was writing stupid quotes. . .it was on the inside front cover of a Trapper Keeper, remember those? It had Marvin the Martian on it. . .

And on a side note:

I'm gonna be at bakuretsucon all weekend. No, I am not a guest. I paid to get in. I hadn't started posting the comic when I had bought my ticket. I bought it way back in April, you know, so I could save 10 whole dollars! Besides, I think I anoyed the staff by constantly pointing out flaws in the website when it first went up. . .Bad me! No doughnut!


If you happen to be there and can figure which random con goer I am. . .then come say "yo." (I might break out my old purple wig. . .)

And let's all hope that Scott Melzer recovers!

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